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A combination of nautical charm and industrial urban vibe has made the Capital Riverfront one of the most sought-after destinations in the nation’s capital. In this realm, Dock 79 stands out with exclusive direct water access, some of the best river views imaginable, unique amenities and a central location that makes taking advantage of everything in this community a breeze.



PHASE 1 – Dock 79

The Capital Riverfront’s roots can be traced to its history as the home of the Washington Navy Yard. A once vibrant area prior to WWII, this spot housed the main manufacturing plant for navy ships and was the longest continually-operating naval facility in the country.  With the end of the war, the Navy Yard reduced its operations, slowing economic activity in the area. As a result many of the local industrial buildings were abandoned, leading to the demise of a once bustling community.

The specific site of Dock 79 was previously purchased and occupied by The Florida Rock Concrete Company in 1979.  Our name pays tribute to this genesis as well as to the maritime roots of the area. Members of the community who appreciated the historic value of the neighborhood and the economic significance of the waterfront locale, fought for many years to revive the area. In 2003 their voices were finally heard.

The Anacostia Waterfront Initiative was passed and, since then, $1 billion in public investments and $2 billion in private sector investments, has enabled a re-birth of the community.

Today it encompasses retail, restaurants, workplaces and modern residences that attract young professionals and families who appreciate what it means to be part of this special place.


Phase I: Dock 79, a 9-story, 305-unit residential building with retail, delivering Fall of 2016

Phase II: 13-story, residential building with approximately 282 units and ground level retail

And more to come.

TDM Measures

Dock 79

Given our commitment to providing sustainable transportation options for residents and visitors of this project, we will implement the following Transportation Demand Management (TDM) measures:

The development will comply with the zoning requirements to provide bicycle parking and storage facilities.

The development will unbundle all parking costs from the cost of lease or purchase. Parking costs will be set at no less than the charges of the lowest fee garage locate within ¼ mile of the site.

The development will have a TDM leader responsible for providing DDOT and Zoning Enforcement with annual TDM leader contact updates.

The development will direct interested parties to for ridesharing opportunities and for alternative commuting options.

The development will provide an on-site business center to residents with access to copier, fax and internet services.

The development will offer a one-time car-sharing membership fee subsidy in a carsharing program for each residential unit.

The development will provide a traffic monitoring report to DDOT no later than one year after Phase 1 reaches 90% occupancy.