Gallery - DOCK79 Riverport SE Gallery - DOCK79 Riverport SE


  • Nice balconies with beautiful views of the Anacostia River
  • Watch the line where river touches sky
  • Walk around the shops and trails
  • Great nightlife
  • Situated right on the river with a growing marina
  • Some of D.C.’s hottest restaurants and shops are here
  • Highly functional business center
  • The beautiful ground-level lobby and entryway
  • Spacious bathrooms
  • Choice of elegant fixtures and finishes
  • Modern Architecture
  • Engineered wood flooring
  • Modern spacious bedrooms with views
  • Floor to ceiling glass for unobstructed views
  • Gather with friends
  • Take in local art at Gallery 79
  • Sweat it out in our state-of-the-art fitness center
  • Take a spin
  • Relax in our courtyard
  • Take in the view
  • On-site retail means never leaving home
  • our fitness center rivals the priciest gym in town
  • take gaming to a new level
  • Take a dip while taking in the view
  • Get social on the sundeck
  • Waterfront living
  • Dock 79’s Retail Spaces
  • All-Purpose Pizzeria Outdoor Seating
  • All-Purpose Pizzeria
  • The Salt Line and Dock 79
  • Night Life at the Docks
  • The Salt Line is the perfect getaway
  • All-Purpose Pizzeria at Night
  • Views of the Potomac
  • Lounge and relax on the pool deck
  • Pool side relaxation
  • Resort-style loungers
  • Infinity pool
  • Views of the city
  • Relaxation and city views
  • Take a dip in the infinity pool
  • Infinity Pool with city views
  • Views of Nationals Stadium
  • Monument views
  • Baseball season is year around at Dock 79
  • Sunsets over Dock 79
  • Sunset over the city
  • City lights
  • City life at Dock 79